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In this episode of the AntPod, young ant keepers Oscar, Lich, and Cameron join the host to discuss their experiences and challenges in the hobby of ant keeping. The episode offers a fascinating insight into the world of young enthusiasts in this niche hobby.

Oscar, aged 13, started ant keeping four years ago, inspired by AntsCanada. Despite initial skepticism from his peers, he found a supportive community online. Lich, 14, faced initial teasing in school but overcame it with a positive attitude. His passion for ant keeping is well-known among his classmates. Cameron, also 13, has been keeping ants for about five years and is recognized as “Antboy” in his school.

The conversation covers various aspects of young ant keepers’ experiences, including dealing with friends and classmates, managing time between ant keeping and other responsibilities, and the role of parents in their hobby. They emphasize the importance of being oneself and not feeling ashamed of their interest in ants.

When it comes to parental involvement, all three guests share that their parents are generally supportive, recognizing ant keeping as a harmless and engaging hobby. They also discuss the practical aspects of ant keeping, like managing budgets for ant colonies and setups, and choosing feeder insects.

Cameron, for instance, relies on birthday and Christmas money for his ant keeping expenses and prefers DIY setups for their practicality. Oscar also relies on pocket money and gifts for his hobby, while Lich often opts for DIY setups to save costs.

The young ant keepers also share insights on balancing their hobby with school and social life. They manage their time effectively, dedicating certain days or parts of the day to ant keeping, while keeping other times free for friends and schoolwork.

This episode of the AntPod highlights the enthusiasm, dedication, and responsibility of young ant keepers, offering a glimpse into their unique world and the challenges they face. It also serves as an encouragement to other young individuals interested in this fascinating hobby​​.

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What Is The Ant Pod?

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The Ant Pod is an audio podcast dedicated to the magical hobby of ant keeping! Originating from the creative mind of the extremely popular ant keeper Ant Holleufer (Alexander Holleufer), The Ant Pod has quickly become the most popular podcast of its kind!

In every episode of the podcast, Alexander is joined by a different set of hosts and ant keeping personalities, such as famous YouTubers, TikTokers, ant nests makers, and ant sellers. In a nutshell, everyone with a passion for this amazing hobby!

They get together to talk about everything ant keeping, from the most basic ant facts, to some of the most insightful information you can find out there! Experience what it’s like to own an ant keeping business, to care for exotic and extremely hard-to-keep ant species, or simply to learn something new about the hobby of keeping ants as pets!

So, what are you waiting for?! Give a listen to the most popular ant keeping podcast on the entire World Wide Web, and listen to some extremely interesting conversations you definitely cannot miss!

You’re not just listening to a podcast, you’re becoming part of a community that shares your passion for these fascinating creatures! Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of something truly extraordinary!

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