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In this episode of the AntPod, featuring CamponicoAnts, the hosts delve into a comprehensive conversation about ant keeping with a focus on the experiences and insights of CamponicoAnts, a prominent figure in the ant-keeping community.

The episode begins with a discussion on the aesthetics of ant nests and the preference for different materials like acrylic, glass, or plastic. The guest, CamponicoAnts, shares his liking for aesthetically pleasing nests and his transition from plastic to glass for better visibility.

A significant portion of the conversation revolves around the maintenance and care of ant colonies. The guest discusses his daily routines for larger colonies, including feeding schedules and the challenges of maintaining a balance without overfeeding. He highlights his use of jelly cups for feeding, explaining their convenience and effectiveness.

The podcast also touches on broader topics like the motivations for starting a YouTube channel focused on ant keeping. The guest shares his journey and advice for new YouTubers in the ant-keeping niche, emphasizing authenticity and passion for the subject.

Discussions about specific ant species, like Polyrhachis and Camponotus maculatus, are interwoven throughout the episode. The guest shares stories of significant colony growth, his preferences for specific ant species, and the excitement around acquiring new colonies.

The episode further explores the guest’s personal life, including his experience in bodybuilding and how a serious accident affected his journey. He also talks about his family life, sharing how his children interact with his ant-keeping hobby.

The conversation concludes with plans for 2023, including finishing an ant room, focusing on aesthetically pleasing outworlds, and ambitious projects for his YouTube channel. The guest expresses enthusiasm for upcoming species and the evolution of his ant-keeping setups.

Overall, this episode of the AntPod offers a deep dive into the world of ant keeping, blending personal experiences, practical advice, and insights into the community. It is an engaging and informative episode for anyone interested in ant keeping, whether as a hobby or a more serious pursuit.

What Is The Ant Pod?

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The Ant Pod is an audio podcast dedicated to the magical hobby of ant keeping! Originating from the creative mind of the extremely popular ant keeper Ant Holleufer (Alexander Holleufer), The Ant Pod has quickly become the most popular podcast of its kind!

In every episode of the podcast, Alexander is joined by a different set of hosts and ant keeping personalities, such as famous YouTubers, TikTokers, ant nests makers, and ant sellers. In a nutshell, everyone with a passion for this amazing hobby!

They get together to talk about everything ant keeping, from the most basic ant facts, to some of the most insightful information you can find out there! Experience what it’s like to own an ant keeping business, to care for exotic and extremely hard-to-keep ant species, or simply to learn something new about the hobby of keeping ants as pets!

So, what are you waiting for?! Give a listen to the most popular ant keeping podcast on the entire World Wide Web, and listen to some extremely interesting conversations you definitely cannot miss!

You’re not just listening to a podcast, you’re becoming part of a community that shares your passion for these fascinating creatures! Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of something truly extraordinary!

The Ant Pod Hosts

Ant Holleufer: Youtube, Instagram, TikTok

Anty Matters: Youtube, Shop

Ninuturu: Youtube

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