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In this episode of the AntPod, the hosts interview Lexy and Yair from PorAmorArt, a company specializing in ant and spider keeping products. They discuss the origins of PorAmorArt, which began during the COVID-19 lockdown in Canada when Lexy’s daughter developed an interest in ants. Recognizing a lack of ant-keeping supplies in Canada, they started creating their own products, leading to the establishment of their business.

PorAmorArt offers a range of products, including hybrid formicaria (ant nests) that combine 3D printing with materials like nut clusters and plaster-like filaments. They also produce glass enclosures, known as outworlds, for both ants and spiders.

These enclosures are unique because they blend the functionality of 3D printing with glass, providing a premium feel and aesthetic appeal. Lexy and Yair chose glass over more commonly used acrylic due to its durability, ease of cleaning, and artistic quality.

The company is also known for its innovative small-sized products, catering to both smaller ant species and beginner ant keepers who often start with smaller colonies. They emphasize the importance of providing the right tools for ant keepers to start successfully, especially in the early stages of colony development. PorAmorArt’s product design is versatile, aiming to cater to various ant species without being overly specialized.

One of the unique aspects of PorAmorArt is their use of a Discord server for community engagement. They have implemented a rewards system where active participants can earn discounts. However, they found that most people joined the server for information and community interaction rather than discounts.

PorAmorArt’s journey into spider keeping began when they identified a gap in the market for specialized enclosures for jumping spiders, which led to them creating products for spider enthusiasts as well. This expansion reflects their commitment to providing products that the community needs but does not readily have access to.

The podcast highlights PorAmorArt’s commitment to innovation, community engagement, and providing high-quality, specialized products for ant and spider keepers. Their approach is a blend of artistic creativity, practical functionality, and responsiveness to the needs of their customer base​​.

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What Is The Ant Pod?

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The Ant Pod is an audio podcast dedicated to the magical hobby of ant keeping! Originating from the creative mind of the extremely popular ant keeper Ant Holleufer (Alexander Holleufer), The Ant Pod has quickly become the most popular podcast of its kind!

In every episode of the podcast, Alexander is joined by a different set of hosts and ant keeping personalities, such as famous YouTubers, TikTokers, ant nests makers, and ant sellers. In a nutshell, everyone with a passion for this amazing hobby!

They get together to talk about everything ant keeping, from the most basic ant facts, to some of the most insightful information you can find out there! Experience what it’s like to own an ant keeping business, to care for exotic and extremely hard-to-keep ant species, or simply to learn something new about the hobby of keeping ants as pets!

So, what are you waiting for?! Give a listen to the most popular ant keeping podcast on the entire World Wide Web, and listen to some extremely interesting conversations you definitely cannot miss!

You’re not just listening to a podcast, you’re becoming part of a community that shares your passion for these fascinating creatures! Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of something truly extraordinary!

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