How To Make A Paper Ant – Origami Tutorial

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Today we’re going to learn how to make one of these extremely cute little paper ants, using materials you probably already have in your house!

Paper ant origami

Let’s see how to make it!


Click the button below to download the PDF file with the detailed project of the paper ant! In the file, you can easily find all the measurements you need to build your own cute little paper ant!

What You Need

Let’s start by listing all the materials that we need for this project. As you can imagine, the most important thing that we need to make our little paper friend, is a sheet made of some type of paper.

How to make a paper ant

Don’t worry, for this project we don’t need some rare type of artistic cardboard! The standard printer paper that we normally use in our day-to-day life should do the job extremely well!

Apart from the paper, we also need some scissors for cutting the sheet, some stick glue for attaching together the various components, and a marker to draw the eyes and the mouth of the ant.

Drawing The Pieces

Once we have all these tools, we can then start creating our little friend!

The first part that we’re going to build is the main section of the ant body. For this part, we have to make 3 little circles.

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The 3 circles will have different sizes, in order to replicate the anatomical characteristics of an ant body. The abdomen, which is the bottom section of the ant body, will be the bigger circle, followed by the head and the thorax.

How to make a paper ant

As you can see, I’m already drawing every part of the ant on the sheet of paper, including the body, the antennae, and the legs. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do any of this! I will put a link to a PDF file with all the measurements at the beginning of this guide! Don’t forget to check it out!

Cutting The Pieces

Once we have all the needed measurements on the sheet, we can then start cutting!

How to make a paper ant

For cutting the paper you can use a normal scissor, following the indications drawn on the paper. Just make sure not to cut yourself in the process!

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Folding The Pieces

Once we have all the pieces ready, we can start by folding the legs and the antennae of the ants! Doing it is extremely easy, you just have to follow the signs on the paper and the job is done!

How to make a paper ant

Here’s one antenna as an example!

How to make a paper ant

Now let’s fold the legs!

How to make a paper ant

Here it is! To complete the leg, fold the center part of the piece in half, creating the joint.

How to make a paper ant


How to make a paper ant

Fantastic! Now we have the folded antennae, the folded legs, and the other pieces ready to be turned into the ant body!

Making The Body

To glue the various pieces together, we can use very basic stick glue. You can easily find this type of glue in the stationary section of almost every store.

How to make a paper ant

Now it’s finally time to create the sections of the body using the slices we’ve cut before. To do so, we need to apply the glue to only one edge of the slice, and then attach it to the other edge. Easier said than done!

How to make a paper ant

Now let’s fold it to create the little ring.

How to make a paper ant

Here’s the result!

How to make a paper ant

Perfect! Now let’s repeat the process for the other two slices!

How to make a paper ant

Fantastic! Now we have the main components of the body of our little paper ant!

How to make a paper ant

The next step is to attach together all the 3 circles, using another piece of paper as the base, just like this.

How to make a paper ant

Let’s start with the head! Press down the glue to make the pieces stick well together!

How to make a paper ant

Now the thorax!

How to make a paper ant

Now, let’s do the same thing with the abdomen!

How to make a paper ant

Fantastic! It’s already starting to look like an ant! Awesome!

How to make a paper ant

Attaching The Antennae

Now let’s glue the antennae to the head of our little friend! Make sure not to damage the head while attaching them!

How to make a paper ant

Amazing! It’s starting to come to life!

How to make a paper ant

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Attaching The Legs

Now it’s time to give our little friend some legs! To do that, simply glue them on the bottom of the base, making them stick out from the side! Just like this!

How to make a paper ant

Now repeat the process for every leg!

How to make a paper ant

Perfect, we now have all 6 legs attached to the body! Fantastic! Our project is almost complete!

How to make a paper ant

Drawing The Face

The final step to complete our little friend, is to give it a face! To draw the eyes and the mouth, you can simply use a normal marker.

How to make a paper ant

When doing so, make sure not to damage the head! You can put a finger behind the paper, using it as a stable surface and draw on it!

How to make a paper ant

Yeah, I know! I’m not the best drawer! 😅

The Final Result

Fantastic! Our little ant is finally alive!

Paper ant origami

I think it looks amazing! And you? What do you think? Do you like it?

Now you can place it on your shelf or on your desk! It will keep you company during your day-to-day life!

I really hope you liked this guide!

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