Where To Find Queen Ants For Sale

Let me guess: you’re starting to like the idea of keeping ants as pets, but you have no idea where you can get your first colony?

And maybe you have some of these questions wandering around your mind right now: Is it possible to buy ants online? Where can I find queen ants for sale? If that’s the case, you found the right guide! Let’s find out where you can easily find queen ants for sale!

In the last 10 years or so, the ant keeping market has experienced impressive and sustained growth, attracting lots of new players to this space. For helping you to find the best place to buy ants online, I made a list of the most popular ant keeping shops all around the world.

Let’s start with the first one!

Ant Antics – U.K.

Ant Antics home page

When it comes to buying ants online, Ant Antics deserves one of the top spots on the list. Based in the U.K., they offer one of the largest catalogs of ant species on the market.

Very popular for their cool packaging and their attention to the buying experience, they’re definitely one of the best places on the web to find queen ants for sale.

From beginner-friendly species, to extremely hard-to-keep exotic species. If you’re searching for a particular species of ant, you can be sure you will find it on their website!

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Apart from the ants themself, Ant Antics also sells a bunch of really cool ant keeping products. One of their best-selling items are the famous Ant Antics sugar snaps, one of the best ways to provide your beloved ant colonies with a healthy source of sugar!

Antstore – Germany

ANTSTORE home page

Another amazing ant keeping supplier is Antstore. Extremely popular in the ant keeping community for their top-notch glass nests, Antstore is up there with the best players in the market when it comes to buying ants online.

If you are not sure which species of ant is right for you, you can use their advanced filtering system to get the list of the species recommended for you based on your level of experience in ant keeping.

Every ant species on their website is accompanied by a quick care guide containing the most important aspects and characteristics of that species, a very effective way to understand if you have everything you need to start keeping them!

If you like really high-quality products and don’t mind spending a little bit more on an ant nest, I would suggest you check out this amazing all-in-one product made by this company! This nest perfectly combines a standard sandwich nest with an amazing-looking glass outworld!

Ants HQ – U.K.

Ants HQ home page

Another very popular U.K. website where you can find queen ants for sale. On their website you can find an enormous amount of ant species, coming from regions all over the world. You can find ants native to North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Ants HQ also sells different types of ant keeping products. From living ant food to complete formicarium sets, on their online shop you can find everything you need to start this amazing hobby from scratch!

Tar Heel Ants – U.S.

Tar Heel Ants home page

If you live in the U.S. and you like the idea of keeping ants as pets, this is definitely the option for you. Tar Heel Ants is without any doubt one of the most popular online shops dedicated to ant keeping you can find in the U.S.

They sell some of the most iconic ant nests you can find on the ant keeping market. Their cave-like nests are one of the most beautiful things you can find when it comes to artificial formicariums!

With their best-selling products, like the Mini Hearth and the Fortress, they occupy a big spot in the U.S. ant keeping community. Just like other ant keeping shops, they also offer the possibility of buying queen ants directly from them.

Definitely one of the best places to find queen ants for sale in the U.S.!

Ants UK – U.K.

Ants UK home page

More a reseller than an actual shop, Ants UK offers a very wide range of queen ants and ant keeping products. They offer some of the best-selling nests and products in this space, coming from companies like Antstore, Por Amor, and Happy Ant.

Their range of ant species is somewhat limited if compared to some of the other shops on this list, but if you’re searching for some basic ants, this could definitely be the place you’re looking for!

Esthetic Ants – Netherlands

Esthetic Ants home page


Get your favourite ant species on the Esthetic Ants online shop! Use the discount code “BRUMA” to get 10% off your entire order!


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Born as a Youtube channel, Esthetic Ants has become one of the best places to find queen ants for sale. Very popular for its line of 3D printed acrylic ant nests, it also offers a great range of ant species.

Even though it is a relatively new ant keeping shop, they offer an impressive amount of ant species. Searchable by country of origin or level of experience, on its website you can be sure you will find what you’re searching for!

This is the perfect choice if you live in Europe but you are not completely sure if you wanna buy ants from a shop based in the U.K., given the fact that you could probably be subjected to some additional taxes and import fees.

If you like Ytong nests, this company is definitely for you! They have an amazing line of nests made using this versatile white material! If you are interested, in this article you can find my detailed review of their Ytong nest. Spoiler alert… they are actually really good!

Hormigueando – Spain

Hormigueando home page

Another slightly less popular shop where you can find queen ants for sale is Hormigueando. Based in Madrid, Spain, Hormigueando offers an incredible catalog of ant keeping products and queen ants.

One of the best features of this website is that you can get a free colony with your order! How cool is that? To get your free colony, you just have to add to the order one of their very cool formicariums. I think it’s a good trade-off, don’t you think?

The Ant Lady – U.K.

The Ant Lady home page

Another very popular website where you can find queen ants for sale. Based in the U.K., The Ant Lady offers a small but complete catalog of queen ants and colonies. Apart from the ants, they also offer some basic ant keeping tools, such as test tubes and different types of tweezers.

If you live in the EU, this could be one of your best options when it comes to buying ants online! Unlike other ant keeping shops, The Ant Lady offers a live arrival guarantee for every country in the European Union!

Ants Davey – U.K.

Ants Davey home page

Last but not least: Ants Davey. Based in the Southwest of England, Ants Davey is another great online shop when it comes to buying ants online.

Born in 2017, they currently sell a ton of different species of ants. From the most basic ones like Lasius niger, to the most dangerous and hard to keep, like the spectacular bull ants.

You can easily find the species you’re looking for by using their built-in filter feature, which enables you to search based on different criteria such as location or ant type.


In this list you can find every sort of ant shop, from the one specialized in selling live queen ants and colonies, to the ones more oriented to ant keeping products, such as nests and accessories.

But one thing is for sure: On this list, you will certainly discover your new favorite place to find queen ants for sale! If you’re also interested in buying ant farms online, in this guide you will find everything you need to know to find the best ant farm for your beloved ant colony!

Once the colony has grown to a certain size, it’s time to give them a new home!

WaKooshi mercury nest

If you’re searching for a new nest for one of your beloved ant colonies, I would suggest you check out this product review! This is a fantastic ant nest made by one of the most popular companies in this space: WaKooshi!

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