How To Make A Test Tube Holder

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Today we’re going to build an extremely practical test tube holder, the perfect way to organize your test tube setups!

Let’s see how to make it!


Click the button below to download the PDF file with the detailed project of the test tube holder! With this project, you can easily find all the measurements you need to build your own test tube holder!


How many times have you tried to keep your test tube setups on a shelf or on a desk and constantly worry that they might roll and fall off? If that’s you, you have found the right guide!

Today we’re going to solve this problem by creating a test tube holder made of cardboard! This holder is extremely easy to build, and can make your ant keeping journey 10 times easier!

Test tube holder with test tubes

With this system you can also better organize your ant colonies, dividing them by species, number of workers, or maybe climate requirements!

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If you’re new to this fantastic hobby called ant keeping and are not completely sure how to make a test tube setup, don’t worry! In this guide, I explain in detail everything you need to know to make the perfect starter setup for your beloved ant colony!

What You Need

The first thing that we need to build this test tube holder is, as you can imagine, a piece of cardboard. I got this from the packaging of a very famous Swedish furniture company.

Cardboard for the test tube holder

For the measurements, I’ve made this quick sketch on a piece of paper, You can find the digital version available for download at the top of this page!

Test tube holder project

Drawing The Holder

First, we’re going to make the two laterals panels, the ones that will hold together all the other pieces.

Drawing the test tube holder

Now, just like before, we can make the front and bottom panels. In this step, we can also mark the outer perimeter of the two inside panels, the ones that will keep the test tubes in place.

Drawing the test tube holder


Drawing the test tube holder

Now it’s time to create the structure of the two inside panels. To do so, we have to grab one of the test tubes that we’re planning to put inside the holder. If you don’t know where to get these types of glass test tubes, you can check out this other guide I made!

In this tutorial, I explain in detail how you can start to grow your own ant colony without breaking the bank! In this article you will find all the information you need to start ant keeping the right way: the history of this amazing hobby, where to find the test tubes and the other materials, and much more! All of this for just $1!

Test tube of a test tube holder

Using a normal ruler, we have to measure the outer diameter of the test tube. With this measure, we can decide how many test tubes we’re going to put inside the holder and the distance between them.

Measuring the test tube

Mine measures 15 mm, so I can put 4 test tubes inside the holder.

Let’s mark where the test tubes are going to be!

Drawing the test tube holder

Now we can simply use the test tube itself to mark the shape that we’re going to cut out later.

Marking the test tube on the cardboard

Cutting The Cardboard

After retracing the marks we’ve made before, we can then start cutting.

For this job, I would suggest you use a paper cutter, which will make the process a lot easier than if we were to use normal scissors.

Paper cutter to cut the test tube holder pieces

To cut the curved part of the holder, you can make lots of tiny holes in the cardboard, in order to weaken the material and make it easier to cut the piece!

Cutting the test tube holder

Once we’ve made all the needed cuts, we can then start separating the pieces and adjusting the little details.

Cutting the test tube holder

The last step is to cut out the thin slices that we’re going to need to keep the pieces together.

A piece of the test tube holder

Now our test tube holder is complete! We just need to put the pieces together and the job is done! If you’re reading this guide there’s a very high chance that you just cough one or a bunch of queen ants, and that you’re ready to put them away in a safe and isolated place to make them start their own ant empire!

If that’s the case, I would suggest you check out this very useful guide on what to do after you just catch a queen ant! Should I feed her? When is she going to lay her first batch of eggs? What species of ant is this? You can find the answers to these important questions and much more in the guide!

Assembling The Holder

When we have all the pieces, it’s finally time to assemble the holder!

Assembling the test tube holder

Fantastic! I think it looks awesome! And you? What do you think?

Test tube holder

Let’s add the test tubes!

Test tube holder with test tubes

That’s it! Now you have an amazing way to organize and preserve your funding queens and young ant colonies!

If you want, you can also add a simple lid.

Test tube holder with lid

Now the ants can rest peacefully inside the test tubes, enjoying the total darkness provided by the holder!

I hope you have found this tutorial helpful!

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