Why You Should Keep Ants As Pets!

Ants as pets? Really? Why would someone keep ants as pets? It’s not an ideal animal to keep as a pet!

Let’s discuss that a bit!

In this short article we’re going to talk about keeping ants as little pets, just like we do for dogs, cats, or even birds! Let’s see why more and more people are starting to keep these unusual animals as their companion little friends!

Let’s get into it!


If you are considering to start keeping ants as pets, you are not alone! Ants are becoming an increasingly popular pet choice for individuals and families looking for something unique and fascinating to care for.

The practice of keeping ants as pets is called ant keeping, and the person who keeps them is called ant keeper. Officially born in the 1950s, ant keeping has evolved from a simple toy made for children, to a proper hobby made for every age group.

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All over the world, hundreds of companies have started to produce professional equipment and accessories specifically designed for this unusual but extremely fascinating hobby

3D-printed nests, acrylic nests, Ytong nests, particular types of terrariums, ant food… In short, everything you need to start keeping these little animals as pets! To better understand why ants are considered to be extremely cool and interesting pets, let’s list five important points in favor of this practice!

Reason Number 1: Ants are fascinating to watch!

One of the biggest reasons to keep ants as pets, is that they are incredibly interesting to watch! Ant colonies are one of the best-organized systems of the animal kingdom!

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Ants like to work together to do all the activities needed to properly run a formicarium! They build intricate nests and amazing structures, go outside to forage for food, and take care of the brood, which one day will turn into the next generation of workers!

A Formica cinerea colony inside a ytong nest

Lots of scientists and myrmecologists consider ant colonies to be like giant single organisms, in which the various components play different key roles in the well-being of the colony!

Watching an ant colony go about its daily activities can be really mesmerizing! And also extremely educational!

Reason Number 2: Ants are low-maintenance pets!

Unlike traditional pets, such as dogs, cats, and birds, ants do not require much maintenance. Actually, they barely require any! As long as they have a proper environment and access to food, they will thrive without much intervention!

Ants drinking Ant Antics sugar snaps

Ants only need to be maintained approximately once a week, during which you need to feed them and, if desired, clean their setup. For this reason, this makes them the perfect pet option for busy individuals and families!

They are also extremely easy to feed! They basically need a dose of sugar for the workers, and some protein for the queen and the brood! That’s it! For the protein part you can give them almost every type of insect, like mealworms, roaches, spiders, or flies.

When it comes to sugars, I would suggest you check out these amazing products! These fantastic sugary liquids are one of the best ways to provide your beloved ants with a healthy source of sugar!

Reason Number 3: Ants are inexpensive to keep!

Another great advantage of keeping ants as pets, is that they are very inexpensive to care for! In fact, you can make your own ant farm for less than $1 using materials that you can find around your house! This makes them a great pet choice for individuals or families on a tight budget!

A Tetramorium caespitum colony on some rocks

By the way, if you are new to this fantastic hobby called ant keeping, you should definitely check out this tutorial! In this one, I explain in detail how to start this hobby with as little as $1! That’s a steal!

Reason Number 4: Ants are great for kids!

If you have kids in your house, keeping ants as pets can be a really fun and educational experience for them!

Crematogaster scutellaris worker

It allows them to learn about these fascinating creatures, understanding every aspect of the life of a worker ant inside the colony! It can even help to teach them about responsibility and caring for others!

With this hobby you can learn a ton of things… just by watching your ants living their day-to-day lives! If you wanna find out more about these fantastic tiny animals, I would suggest you check out this other article!

In this one, I explain in detail every role of an ant colony, and all the various types of ants you can find inside your personal formicarium! You can never learn enough about the fabulous world of ants!

Reason Number 5: Ants are easy to find!

Unlike some other exotic pets, ants are relatively easy to find! As you know very well, you can find ants almost everywhere! In your own backyard, in a nearby park, under the pavements, and, sometimes, even inside your house!

Messor barbarus major

If you don’t like the idea of wandering around your backyard, in order to find a newly mated queen ant ready to start her ant colony, you can purchase them online from one of the many online shops dedicated to ant keeping. This makes it extremely easy to start your own ant colony, and begin your journey as an ant keeper!

In this article you can find a list of the most popular online shops dedicated to ant keeping!


In conclusion, there are plenty of good reasons to keep ants as your pets! They are one of the most fascinating animals to watch, they require very low maintenance, are inexpensive to keep, are great for kids, and are extremely easy to find.

I hope you found this quick guide helpful, and that it has sparked in you some interest in this fascinating hobby! It is truly captivating to watch these tiny creatures go about their daily lives, and I hope that you will consider giving it a try yourself! With a little bit of patience and care, you can easily create a thriving ant colony in your own home!

BRUMA Ants article thumbnail - Ytong ant nest tutorial

If you like the idea of starting this cool hobby, and you also like the world of D.I.Y, I would strongly suggest you check out this tutorial! In this one, I explain in detail how to make a Ytong nest from scratch, starting from a single block!

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