Anthouse Liquid Feeders Review

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Today I’m going to make a little review of these cool liquid feeders made by the company Anthouse. You can find them here!

Let’s see if they are any good!

Why a Liquid Feeder?

Without a doubt, the best possible way to provide your ants with a constant source of liquid is by using a liquid feeder. These products really make the feeding process a lot easier!

There are lots of advantages to using a liquid feeder as the main source of liquids for your ants. The main one is that, obviously, they last a very long time.

Anthouse liquid feeders

If compared to a more classic way of providing liquid nutrients like, for example, putting some drops of sugar water on a piece of tinfoil, the benefits are not even calculable!

You fill it, put it in the outworld and for this week the job is done! You can relax for the rest of the week, your ants will be able to drink whenever they like!

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This is particularly useful if you are constantly away from home for work or if you wanna go on a long vacation. Another great advantage of using this type of product is the reduction of the stress of the colony.

Anthouse liquid feeder

Most species of ants become really nervous and stressed when you change the food or clean the setup they are in. That’s because ants are very vibration-sensitive, and the fewer vibrations they feel, the better the colony grows.

By using a feeder you can lengthen the time between each maintenance, reducing a lot of the overall stress experienced by the colony. You can even experience an acceleration of the colony’s growth, just by using this product!

The Anthouse Liquid Feeders

Now let’s talk about this particular model!

These Anthouse liquid feeders are 3D printed, and are made with a particular type of white acrylic. The build quality is really good, and there are no signs of errors or smudges caused by the 3D printer.

Anthouse liquid feeder

The glass of the little bottle in which the liquid is stored is super clear, making it very easy to see when it’s time to refill the feeder.

Anthouse liquid feeders bottles

The aesthetic is also amazing! They look really nice in every type of setup! If you have a natural setup with a lot of dirt and a ton of plants or if you like a more artificial one with the plastic outworld and the acrylic decorations don’t worry!

This feeder will do its job and will look amazing no matter what setup style you wanna use!

These feeders are perfect for almost every ant species, from the smallest ones like Pheidole or Solenopsis, to the largest ones like Camponotus. Every ant species is capable of using these feeders with no problem!

The feeder works using a physical phenomenon called surface tension, that blocks the water from spilling out from the holes in the base.

The drinking holes cover the entire acrylic base. That enables a very large number of ants to drink simultaneously from the same liquid feeder which, in my opinion, is a great advantage.

If you’re currently wondering what type of liquid you’re going to put inside these very cool liquid feeders, I would suggest you check out this other article! In this one, I make a detailed review of the Ant Antics sugar snaps, one of the best ways to provide your beloved ants with a source of healthy sugar!

Ant Antics sugar snaps

With these fantastic colorful little bottles you can give your ants a very high-quality source of sugar, fueling their all-day-long working routine! With the sugar snaps you can be sure about one thing: your ants are going to love them!

Choose Your Size

The Anthouse feeders come in 3 different sizes: 1ml, 5ml, and 10ml.

Anthouse liquid feeders

The smallest one is 3 cm high, and It’s perfect for a starting colony. 1ml doesn’t seem like a lot, but if the colony is not too big and the temperature is not too high the liquid can last with no problem for a whole week!

The middle one, the one with a tank of 5ml, is made for a medium size colony. I personally use two of these in the setup of my Messor Barbarus colony, one filled with water and the other filled with sugar water.

The largest one is capable of keeping 10ml of liquid. That’s a lot even if you have a medium-to-large-sized ant colony! I use this one with my colony of Lasius niger and Crematogaster scutellaris, and I can confidently say that they love it!

In the summer, when the room temperature rises to approximately 25 degrees Celsius, the liquid in the feeders lasts several weeks, and sometimes up to an entire month!

How To Use Them

Using these feeders is extremely easy! To fill the feeder with the type of liquid of your choice, simply unscrew the little glass bottle from the acrylic base. When the two parts are separated, you can fill the bottle with the liquid.

To make the process easier you can use a syringe or a pipette, like the one I am using.

Anthouse liquid feeders filling

When the bottle is completely filled up, screw back the acrylic base. Keep the feeder in a vertical position, so that the liquid doesn’t spill over.

Anthouse liquid feeders filling

Now you can turn it upside down and place it in the outworld, ready to be used by your thirsty ant colony!


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Very well-made 3D printed liquid feeders, the best way to provide your ants with a constant source of liquid food! The little bottles are made of glass, and are extremely easy to screw to the 3D printed base! The 3D printing is done really well, without any signs of errors or smudges!

I hope you have found this guide helpful!

Anthouse nest naturcolor 5x5 width red lid

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