Ant Antics Sugar Snaps Review

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In this article, I’m going to make a short review of these really cool sugary liquids made by the very popular ant keeping company Ant Antics: the sugar snaps!

Let’s see if they are any good!

If you are interested, you can find the sugar snaps here!

The Sugar Snaps

Ant Antics sugar snaps

There they are! The iconic Ant Antics sugar snaps!

Apart from the ants, these are one of the best-selling products of this company, and rightfully so! These particular types of sweet liquids are the perfect source of sugar for your beloved pet ants!

As you can see, they are available in many different flavors! On their online shop, they currently offer 6 different flavors, one sweeter than the other! This one in particular, for example, is called blue slushie, and it’s made with some type of blue raspberry!

Ant Antics sugar snaps

Some of the other available flavors are candy cane, strawberry swirls, plum, melon, and banana. As you can tell, you have plenty of options to choose from!

Ant Antics sugar snaps

The little bottles in which they come contain 10 ml of super dense liquid, and contrary to what you may think, they actually last for a very long time! Given the super concentrated nature of the sweet liquid, you can mix it with no problem with large quantities of water, without lowering the sweetness of the product by much!

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If you already have some large colonies and are thinking about getting these tasty sugary liquids, I would suggest you get a liquid feeder! Here you can find the review of the 3D-printed liquid feeder made by Anthouse!

Why Sugar?

Ok, but why do I have to feed my ants sugar? Is it really necessary? Well, short answer: Yes!

Sugar is a particular type of carbohydrate, and takes an important spot in the diet of ants. As you may already know, ants are one of the most hard-working creatures in the animal kingdom! They always have something to do: finding a new food source, carrying extremely heavy objects to create amazing nest structures, and caring for the new generation of young ants. They never stop!

Ant Antics sugar snaps

All this uninterrupted work needs to be fueled by an immense amount of energy! And here comes the sugar! Sugar is one of the most calorie-dense substances you can find, and using it as the main energy source has lots of advantages:

  • The first one is that sugar is an exceptionally lightweight substance! This simple but important characteristic gives sugar a tremendously high value-to-weight ratio, making the transportation back to the nest a highly efficient job! The less energy you need to bring it back to the colony, the more it remains to absorb!
  • The second one is that sugar is extraordinarily common to find in the wild! This simple carbohydrate can be easily found in a lot of plants, in almost every fruit, and some kinds of insects can even produce it when they need it! Some species of ants have actually learned how to farm aphids just to get some of their sweet honeydew! That’s so cool if you think about it!

In a nutshell, sugar is basically liquid energy for ants, and in order to get their tiny hands on some of this extremely precious substance, they are willing to travel far and wide all over the world!

Another very popular product used in ant keeping to provide your ants with a source of healthy sugar is this! These particular types of colored jelly cups are extremely easy to find, and also very cheap!

Are They Really Worth It?

Now I know what you are all thinking about. But why should I buy a sugary liquid when I can simply make it myself at home? That’s actually a very good question, and like all good questions, it needs a proper answer!

Ant Antics sugar snaps

In short, the sugar snaps are a lot more than simple sugar water! The liquids that Ant Antics provides are full of essential and beneficial substances, things that are not so easy to find at the grocery store!

Just to mention a few, the sugar snaps contain fructose, glucose, sodium, calcium, iron, magnesium, and much more! They even contain some vitamins! Like vitamin B2, vitamin B4, and vitamin B5! As said before, they’re much more than sugar water!

If you are on a budget and don’t wanna spend too much money on these amazing little bottles, you can check out this guide on how to start ant keeping with $1! Yeah, just $1!

Do Ants Like It?

But will my ants like it?

Well, I have been testing the sugar snaps for some time now, and I can confidently say that my colonies love them! Every time I put some drops of this sugary liquid inside the outworld, a swarm of ants instantly appears out of nowhere, assaulting the precious substance like there’s no tomorrow!

Ants drinking Ant Antics sugar snaps

They drink every single drop I give them in a matter of minutes! Like a bunch of jaguars hunting for their appetizing prey! It’s actually really cool watching the ants completely fill their gaster and bring it back to the nest, sharing the newly found food source with all the other members of the colony! Ants are such unselfish animals!

Ants drinking Ant Antics sugar snaps


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A very cool and useful ant keeping product. With these fantastic colorful little bottles you can give your ants a very high-quality source of sugar, fueling their all-day-long working routine! With the sugar snaps you can be sure about one thing: your ants are going to love them!

I hope you have found this guide helpful!

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