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Today I’m going to make a little review of this cool outworld made by Esthetic Ants!

Let’s see if it’s any good!


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Esthetic Ants outworld

This product is currently available in 3 different sizes, and two different colorations. On the Esthetic Ants online shop, you can choose between the small, medium, or large models. The building structure is very similar in the 3 versions, and the only main difference, as you can imagine, is the size of the product.

You can also choose the color of the 3D printed parts, which are available in matte white, and transparent. The one that I’m showing you right now is the medium version, with the matte white 3d printed parts.

The Lid

Now let’s take a look at the lid.

Esthetic Ants outworld lid

As you can see, this outworld has a uniquely shaped lid. In most of the outworlds currently available on the ant keeping market, the lid is usually square or rectangle-shaped, with a very basic design.

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Unlike those outworlds, this one has an elliptical-shaped lid, and the small top handle features a unique and modern design. The lid is fairly sized, it’s not too large and not too small, and has the right amount of space for the usual cleaning and feeding maintenance.

The top section of the outworld has also lots of space to apply the escape prevention oil. I find this to be one of the most important features in an outworld, a must that every outworld should have.

Esthetic Ants outworld lid

Having a horizontal panel instead of a vertical one to apply the escape prevention oil, gives you two great advantages. First, you make it even harder for the ants to escape, as they have to climb an upside-down surface, which is extremely more difficult than climbing a vertical one.

Second, you do not have to disrupt the aesthetic of the outworld. If you’re using an outworld that doesn’t have a special horizontal section made specifically for applying the barrier, you have no other choice but to apply the barrier on the top section of the lateral panels. This creates an ugly-looking oil stripe, which is also very likely to produce some drops that can fall all the way to the bottom of the outworld.

Esthetic Ants outworld lid

The lid is extremely easy to remove, and the top 3D-printed little sphere provides optimal grip to move the lid around with no problem. The lid fits perfectly inside the top opening, leaving no gaps through which the ants could escape.

If you, just like me, love the look and feel of 3D-printed products, I think you would love this amazing nest! This is the perfect choice if you’re just starting out and don’t wanna spend too much money on a nest + outworld configuration!

The Entrance Ports

To access the outworld, the ants can travel through two entrance ports placed on opposite sides of the structure, one on the right and one on the left. These two special ports are made with the same 3D-printed plastic used in every other component of the outworld, and are incredibly resistant to every type of physical stress.

Esthetic Ants outworld port

The size of the ports is large enough to house almost every species of ants, from the smallest Pheidole, to the largest Camponotus. This particular type of port is the same one used in any other Esthetic Ants nests, which means that they can be connected to one another without using any type of size adapter.

Like on the Esthetic Ants nests, the ports of this outworld include a really interesting feature. With these ports, you have the option of choosing between two different sizes of tubing! If you plan on housing a very large species of ant, you can opt for the largest alternative, and place the tube above the port.

Esthetic Ants outworld tubing

On the other hand, if the ants you wanna house are not particularly large and voluminous, you can also decide to use a smaller tube, making it fit inside the port.

Esthetic Ants outworld tubing

I really like this multi-size solution, as it gives you the option of using this nest with almost every ant species! Thanks to these special entrance ports you can connect every type of nest! 3D-printed nests, terrarium-like nests, glass nests… even D.I.Y. nests!

If you like the idea of making your own ant nest from scratch, this is definitely the guide for you! In this quick article, you’re going to learn how to make a magnificent Ytong nest all by yourself!

The Entrance Blockers

Ehi, wait a minute! But what if I don’t wanna connect two nests to the same outworld? How do I close the ports if I don’t need to use them? Luckily, Esthetic Ants thought about it!

Esthetic Ants outworld port blocker

With the outworld, you can also get these extremely useful little plastic caps, made specifically to close unused ports. With these tiny stoppers, you can close the entrances without leaving any gaps, preventing the ants from escaping from the unsupervised opening.

This solution is much better than using a standard cotton stopper, as the plastic is almost impossible to penetrate, contrary to the cotton, which can be easily damaged by lots of species of ants.

Esthetic Ants outworld closed port

The Assembly

Esthetic Ants outworld bag

Like many other ant keeping products, this outworld comes disassembled inside a plastic bag, in order to save space and money during the shipping process. On the bag, we find a QR code with the link to the website where you can find the instructions for building the outworld.

To be completely honest, the assembly process was not as easy as I had previously thought. I had a hard time sticking together some of the pieces, and in some spots there were little gaps between the acrylic parts.

Esthetic Ants outworld bag

After unscrewing and screwing back some of the screws, the gaps got smaller and smaller. Now they are almost imperceptible, and the ants can not possibly escape through them.

Apart from this little inconvenience, in the end the building was successful, and I haven’t encountered any other particular issue with the product.

If you’re really good at these types of building activities and like assembling stuff, I’m sure you will love this nest too! Just like this outworld, this nest comes disassembled, and needs some proper assembly skills in order to come to life!


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A really well-made 3D-printed outworld. This product is perfect for housing almost every species of ant, thanks to its multi-size solution for the tubing connections. The lid is extremely well-designed, and the top opening is large enough for the usual cleaning and feeding maintenance. In conclusion, this is a fantastic ant keeping product, perfect for a small to medium-sized ant colony!

I hope you have found this guide helpful!

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