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A complete email course! 📧

By joining the service, you will get access to a 24-chapter bi-weekly email course regarding the fabulous world of ant keeping! The newsletter contains a complete guide to ant keeping, and it’s made specifically for people who are just starting to get into this amazing hobby!

Lots of exclusive content! 👑

On top of the email course, you will also unlock a ton of awesome (and extremely useful) materials! Subscribe to BRUMA Ants Plus to get access to some amazing ant keeping digital tools, such as the exclusive BRUMA Ants colony tracker, the best way to track the progress of your ant colonies!

Real-world impact! 🌱

When you join BRUMA Ants Plus, part of your subscription cost will be donated to our partner Ecologi to plant a real tree in your name! Each day we strive to make as much difference as possible, trying to create a better world for everyone!

…and much more!✨

And that’s not all! By joining the premium version of BRUMA Ants, you will also have your name on our official website, unlock fantastic Discord benefits, get the exclusive BRUMA Ants calendar, and, last but not least, a gigantic thank you by BRUMA Ants!

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So, what are you waiting for? Join the ant keeping revolution by subscribing to BRUMA Ants Plus!JOIN BRUMA ANTS PLUS
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